Development & Editing

The modules in this section will give helpful advice on starting, editing, and completing your work.

Module 3Fundamental Writing Skills for Researchers

Everyone is capable of being a good writer, even without any innate skill. A snapshot of research writing is given, from presenting a research question in context of current knowledge to interpreting your findings.

Module 4Editing: Analyzing Your Writing Strengths and Weaknesses

By reflecting on these summary principles and checking your work based on the questions presented here, you’ll ensure your research is both easily accessible and understandable, therefore persuading your reader that your problem, approach, and findings are valid.

Module 7Peer Feedback in Writing Groups

Somewhere between your first and final draft, your paper might get stuck in limbo. Sure, there are words on the document pages, but your writing still needs improvement. This is the point where other focused readers can provide feedback and help you edit your work to further develop your text.

Module 8Developing Effective Writing Habits

In this module, you’ll learn how to overcome the barriers that keep you from finishing—or starting—a writing project and how to develop a writing routine. With a few of these tools under your belt, you’ll be ready to form a writing habit that saves you time and maximizes your productivity.