Strength In Writing

The modules in this section will help you learn how to create an academically sound, original piece of writing that is ready for publication.

Module 5Finding and Citing Appropriate Literature

This guide will help you navigate UNL’s Libraries website to find and cite relevant articles for your coursework and research.

Module 6Writing For Publication

Even with a set of valid, novel, and significant findings, research isn't necessarily publishable. The best papers place the described work in context, identify gaps in the knowledge base, and explain the importance of the new information.

Module 9Writing with Integrity

This module addresses several important themes of academic integrity: plagiarism, falsification, and authorship. Simply put, we must (a) give credit to those from whom we borrow words, images or ideas; (b) not manipulate research so as to inaccurately or dishonestly represent findings; and (c) share appropriately the credit and rewards for authorship of publications.